Getting Started
How to get started once you have joined our server and activated your membership.
If you are a new member, there are a couple of important tasks that need to be done before you can use our service to its full potential. But first we kindly ask you to read through the channel #rules aswell. Once you have joined our server, you will find a channel called #getting-started. Here you will find information about all of our features and what to do next.
  • Read our User Documentation fully to understand all of our features.
  • Set up your channel notifications correctly for better message filtration.
  • Set up your roles, such as the Twitter role for Bot Restocks.
  • Set up access to our in-house guides by adding your email there.
  • Turn on SMS notifications, incase something really important happens.
Having troubles understanding somethging? No worries, just open a ticket in the #support channel.
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